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Newsletter for Tuesday, January 9 thru Tuesday, January 30

Prompt # 471: Anticipation at slashthedrabble (Closing date Jan 18th, 2018)
Challenge 569: Desperate at ncis_drabble (Closing date 15th of January 2018)
Challenge 570: Deal at ncis_drabble (Closing date 22nd of January 2018)
Prompt # 472: Departure at slashthedrabble (Closing date Jan 25th, 2018)

Challenge 571: Intuition at ncis_drabble (Closing date 29th of January 2018)
Prompt # 473: Tremble at slashthedrabble (Closing date Jan 31st, 2018)
Challenge 572: Bittersweet at ncis_drabble (Closing date 5th of February 2018)

Next of Kin by holdingwonder (Vance; G)
Exposure by holdingwonder (Gibbs, Tony; G)
Willing Volunteer by holdingwonder (Abby, Ellie, Palmer, Torres; G)
Withdrawal by ami_ven (McGee, Torres; G)

Pronunciamento by cutsycat (Gibbs, Tony, DiNozzo Sr, Fornell; G)
Seriatim by cutsycat (Gibbs/Tony, Abby, Palmer, Fornell; G)
A Drink After the War by holdingwonder (Gibbs, Ducky; PG)
Overnight Observation by ami_ven (Tony, McGee; G)

Waffling by holdingwonder (Gibbs, Fornell; G)
Body Parts by holdingwonder (Gibbs, McGee, Ducky; PG)
Father’s Intuition by ami_ven (Gibbs, Abby; G)
Malediction by cutsycat (Gibbs, Tony, Vance; G)

Prolix - Five Prompts by cutsycat (Gibbs, McGee, Ellie, Tony; G)

Bonding by nancy (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
Reach Out and Smack Someone by Tiffany F (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
You Can't Fight Love by Tiffany F (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
Nightmare's End by Tiffany F (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance

Honey Buns by Tiffany F (Gibbs/Tony; R;) posted by michaelchance
Check up by Tiffany F (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
Better than Sex by Tiffany F (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
So Beautiful by jane_x80 (Gibbs/Tony; G)

Roister by cutsycat (Gibbs/Tony; G)
Salubrious - Five Prompts by cutsycat (Gibbs/Tony; G)
Evanescent by cutsycat (Gibbs/Tony; G)
Celerity - Five Prompts by cutsycat (Gibbs/Tony; T)

Episode Discussion WARNING: Spoilers for 15x13 'Family Ties'
solariana Discussion: NCIS episode S15 E13 "Family Ties" at ncis_discuss

sisiliaali is looking for a specific fic where Tony has trouble sleeping
elvenlaughter is looking for a specific McGee drama/hurt/comfort story
beyond_tired is looking for a specific fic where Gibbs fired

justelizabeth is looking for Tutncleo's stories
cmdrtabii is looking for Connections by BLC
nciseverlasting is looking for a specific Hiatus fic with Tony/Gibbs slash Mpreg

lenvonie is looking for a specific fic where Gibbs and Tony vacation on a lake in Oregon
becalynv is looking for a specific Old mpreg story
moon_light_1313 is looking for a specific fic where Tony stop talking

nakeisha Call for prompts for Promptathon 31 @ older_not_dead
solariana Reverse Bang Check-in # 1 @ ncis_bang
solariana Wanted: Betas and Cheerleaders for the 2018 NCIS Reverse Bang @ ncis_discuss
rose_malmaison Writers: Story Endings @ ncis_discuss

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