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Newsletter for Monday, January 1 thru Monday, January 8

Challenge 569: Desperate at ncis_drabble (Closing date 15th January 2018)
Five Prompts Challenge - January at ncis_discuss (Closing date 31st January 2018)

To Midnight by ami_ven (Ducky, Ellie, Team & Victoria Palmer; G)
Postprandial by cutsycat (Gibbs/Tony, Gibbs/Bull; crossover with Bull; G)
Tell Me Why....? by tardis_type40 (Tony; T)

The Tide Will Turn by rose_malmaison (Gibbs/DiNozzo; M)
Home by nancy (Gibbs/Tony; G) posted by michaelchance
Drowning by nancy (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
Descent by nancy (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance
Deliverance by nancy (Gibbs/Tony; R) posted by michaelchance

holdingwonder recommended A Chest of Drawers by TerryJ (Gibbs, Palmer; K)
holdingwonder recommended Those First Days by k9lasko (Gibbs, Tony, Kelly Gibbs; K+)
holdingwonder recommended Forgiven by alidiabin (Jackson Gibbs; T)

Episode Discussion WARNING: Spoilers for 15x11 'High Tide'
solariana Discussion: NCIS episode S15 E11 "High Tide" at ncis_discuss

Episode Discussion WARNING: Spoilers for 15x12 'Dark Secrets'
solariana Discussion: NCIS episode S15 E12 "Dark Secrets" at ncis_discuss

mssgal is looking for a specific fic where Ron Sacks is a criminal
amythest_n_ice is looking for a specific fic with DiNozzo Family will reading
wazup8523257 is looking for recs with Tony on the run
amokima is looking for recs where Tony doesn't go to Israel

solariana Reverse Bang Art Submissions 2018 @ ncis_bang
holdingwonder Recommendation Posts @ ncis_gen
solariana NCIS Reverse Bang: Art is due 10 January @ ncis_bang
solariana 2017 Happy Holidays Challenge, now closed @ ncis_discuss

solariana Our 2017 Authors have been revealed @ ncis_sesa
rose_malmaison Five Prompts Challenge - New! @ ncis_discuss
solariana 2017 Happy Holidays Challenge Master List @ ncis_discuss
rose_malmaison Abby Leaving - let's talk about this @ ncis_discuss

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