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Newsletter for Friday, January 15 to Tuesday, January 26

Challenge #472: Help at ncis_drabble (Deadline: Monday, 25th January 2016)
Challenge #473: Broken at ncis_drabble (Deadline: Monday, 1st February 2016)

Shelter by naemi (Tim, Delilah; G)
Real Friends by ami_ven (Bishop, team; G)

The Duck In Gibbs' Pond : Part 6 by fluffyhamster (Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard; NC-17)

Screencaps NCIS 13X13, NCIS: LA 7X13, NCIS: New Orleans 2X13 by fandom_forever

phoenixrising01 is looking for a specific fic where Tony is a little older, he wears make-up to make himself appear a little younger and picks up a woman for a one-night stand
ascendmeplz is looking for any fics where a married Tony and Gibbs keep their relationship a secret
amberle_chan is looking for any fics where team-as-family fics
sharkfanz is looking for a specific fic where Tony is a business man and his father wants him to hire Gibbs as a body guard/security man
marinliliz is looking for any Gibbs/Tony ficswhere Gibbs is a parent
chloebroefan is looking for any fics where Gibbs is pining for Tony
wrtr_aka_wmgrg is looking for a specific "Requiem" fic with Tim and Ziva showing up at the dock. Tim sees Tony, pulls out a phone, and calls Brad
rose_malmaison is looking for fics where any of the team members going to court
wdlwbt is looking for any Gibbs/Borin fics
maggie_cookie is looking for any fics with permanently hurt/disabled Gibbs and Tony caring for him

solariana announces the author and artist match-ups for NCIS Reverse Bang are posted
nakeisha announces multifandom Promptathon 23 is: Alternate Reality
iwantpie is lookingfor a new mod for the ncis_gen comm.

Did we miss something? Let us know. You can either comment here or e-mail us:

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