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02 January 2017 @ 10:15 pm
Newsletter for Sunday, January 1 thru Monday, January 2  
Challenge #519: January at ncis_drabble (Closing date 9th January 2017)

Secret Santa by ami_ven (Team; G)
New Movie by cutsycat (Tony, Tim, Ziva; G)
Probity by cutsycat (Tony/Tim, Tony/Gibbs; G)

Episode Discussion WARNING: Spoilers for 14x11 'Willoughby'
solariana Discussion: NCIS episode S14 E11 "Willoughby" at ncis_discuss

lizg12 is looking for a specific fic Hiatus - Gibbs doesn't get memory back
rose_malmaison is looking for fics where Tony has concussion and is worse off than originally thought
jpangels is looking for a specific fic with Looking for old Tony is a father fic... found I think

catwalksalone Mod Post @ kissmeprobie
solariana NCIS Reverse Bang Authors sign-ups @ ncis_bang
solariana 2016 Happy Holidays Challenge Master List @ ncis_discuss
rose_malmaison Outside Your Comfort Level Challenge @ ncis_discuss

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